Want to Hire a Hacker? Check Out Hacker’s List Website

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Want to hack someone’s Facebook account? or Gmail account? or break into somebody’s network? But don’t have the hacking skills to do so. There’s no need to worry at all. A new service is out there for you guys where you can search for professional hackers and hire them to accomplish any hacking task.

Hacker’s List 
is a new service that offers to connect customers and “professional” hackers for hire. The service would make any tech-illiterate person capable to break into his boss’ email address. This really sounds like something that happens mostly in movies. As if I’m hiring a hacker to accomplish crimes for me.

The website charges a fee for a project and payment is cleared on completion of the work, just like freelancing sites. Based on hours, prices of hackers range between $28 to $300 and full hacking projects range in price from $100 to $5000. As you might expect, it’s all done anonymously — collection of fees when tasks are completed, nobody knows the identity of those involved in doing the work.

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